Friday, August 13, 2010

As Summer Dies Down

As summer ends fall begins, and with the new season a new wardrobe is in order. Going back to school is never 'fun', but going back to school shopping can be one of the best things for a girl to do. She has an excuse to get new shoes because her toes will freeze with the sandals she is currently styling and she needs new sweaters and cardigans to go over her summer dresses and skirts. So, as i go shopping constantly for the next few days I am looking specifically for a few new things.
1. Ballerina flats, oxfords, boots, etc. Basically any shoe that will cover my toes and is of course cute and wearable with the majority of my wardrobe.
2. A new bag for my books. Luckily I found one for an excellent deal! It's a simple faux leather bag that has a few compartments for pens and calculators and then a big pit for my text books and binders.
3. Little things like hand sanitizer, lipstick, lip balm, mints, gum, and mini lotions to keep with me throughout the school day in case of any emergency event. Be sure to keep a killer shade of lipstick to make any day glamorous.
4. Tights of all colors and textures to keep my legs warm, but still have the option of wearing dresses.
5. A few sweaters that will slip on nicely with a pair of jeans for lazy Mondays, and then cardigans and blazers to wear over dresses. I want to get more knits this year, and then I want to get cardigans in several colors, so that I have options to mix up the same dress with several combination's of shoes, cardigans, tights and of course jewelry.
6. Which brings me to rings. Lots and lots of rings. This can turn a lazy Monday look into something cute and thought out looking all by just adding some shine to your fingers.
7. Also, new shades of nail-polish. More autumn colors to play around with will add color to anything.
8. New music. After tests and during silent working time music can really get me focused. The school has new restrictions on when you can listen, but it's still good to keep it around. Just in case. Right now Lily Allen and Ingrid Michaelson are at the top of my playlist.
9. High socks with cute shoes is also coming into style now, and I wouldn't mind experimenting with trying out that style for myself.
10. Finally, new hair styles can add so much confidence to the fall. Most people grow out their hair in the fall and winter and cut it off in the summer, I don't plan on doing either, but just changing the way I wear it everyday. My hair is extremely curly, so I want to try out a few fun up-dos, like high buns, and then put it in side ponies or down other days. Just to try new things.


Maddie M. said...

Yessss. Saddle oxfords and Ingrid Michaelson. The perfect combination for a perfect autumn. I'm so happy we have first hour together.

StephanieTJLee said...

AH Lily Allen + Ingrid Michaelson + rings + shoes = MY FAVORITES AS WELL! Excuse the caps, I got a bit excited :).

Mel said...

i love aaaall these shoes *-*

Cassidy said...

So lovely! I just recently got a pair of oxfords and I love them; also, I love how the new school year allows one to reinvent themselves.

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roadrunner said...

I just found your blog and I really like it :) You're welcome to visit mine too :)