Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All I Feel For You Is Love.

It scares me how easily everyone can move on so fast. How what once meant so much can be forgotten like it meant nothing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day No Turkeys Would Die.

Thanksgiving is coming up so soon. You know what that means; no school, plenty of family and food, and just a good time. This Thanksgiving is my first year as a Vegetarian. Well a Pescatarian actually. I still eat seafood for the sake of my health, but that does not replace Turkey. I'm really excited for this though. I'm going to be having Mac & Cheese as a substitute, and I can still enjoy the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, muffins, apple pie and appetizer dishes. Sounds like plenty of food to me! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for all of you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mixing and Matching.

Upon hearing about a challenge called 30 for 30, which hundred of bloggers around the world participate in, I have decided to become a remixer myself. In this contest you chose 30 pieces of clothing, counting shoes, but not accessories, and limit yourself to being able to use only those 30 pieces for 30 days. The point of this is to increase your ability to mix and match and understanding of your own closet, and how on those days you say "I have nothing to wear", that with a little creativity, you have countless outfits to experiment with.
I just started this on the 15th of November. And I must go through the 18th of December, because I have a 3 day trip with the school in which I must be dressed in a very specific dress code.

Day 1:
Striped black and white skirt.
Red and black tank top.
Grey cardigan.
Black knit tights.
Black ballerina flats.

Day 2:
Dark wash skinny jeans.
Green tank top with detail at neckline.
Brown faux leather jacket.
Brown ballerina flats.

Day 3:
Grey turtle-esque neck dress.
Blue button down shirt worn as cardigan.
Black knit tights.
Black ballerina flats.

I have decided to not include the black knit tights as an item because this challenge was originally created for the Summer and Spring, and if I was in either of those seasons, I would wear the same outfit minus the tights. So with the issue of warmth at hand, I am counting those as accessories.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Remind Me.

As one grows to understand life less and less, one learns to live it more and more.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stripes in my eyes.

We had nice weather this week, so me and Maddie took advantage of it and snuck into a field and shot some photographs.
I've been really into stripes right now, and thrifted a few simple t-shirts. I love them already. Paired with a high waisted skirt, anything is possible.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cold Water.

It is such a difficult decision. I need to work things out, talk over, decide, convince..
Swim team starts this coming Monday & I have so many conflicting emotions. Does my family want me to? Getting up at 4 Am for 4 days a week is pretty exhausting. 19.5 hours of my week dedicated to swimming back and forth, and back and forth.
But, I've done stuff like this for years now. It would be weird to just not show up one day. Wouldn't it? Or would it?
This is what is going through my mind when I try to decide if I should sign up for swim. I don't want to let my swimming friends down. To drop out of a family I am so closely bonded to.
But, I have to do what is best for me as an individual. I need to do things that will look good when signing up for art school to work in fashion. Taking a few extra sewing or art classes instead wouldn't be so bad.
I have to make up my mind and my families mind tonight. Stressed? Yes. Excited? Yes. Ready? No.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

For You.

For the dancers. For the lonely hearted. For the free spirits. For the dreamers. For the tired. For the young. For the free. For the scared. For the open minded. For the over achievers. For the athletes. For the workers. For the struggling. For the hungry. For the optimistic. For the clueless.

You are beautiful.

For the academic scholars. For the self conscious. For the willing. For the artists. For the weary. For the broken. For the strong. For the depressed. For the missed. For the transexuals. For the individuals. For the girls. For the old. For the love birds. For the cutters. For the alcoholics. For the beginners.

You are loved.

For the boys. For the druggies. For the newly weds. For the retired. For the sleepy. For the wishful thinkers. For the tears shed. For the suffering. For the painters. For the bloggers. For the couch potatoes. For the trainers. For the teachers. For the gay. For the universe. For the 'bad kids'.

You are special.

No matter who you are, there is a life ahead of you. Life to be lived. Don't live like you will be forgotten, live like you will be remembered. Live today like it's your last. Live tomorrow like its your first. Don't take advantage of this beautiful mystery.
Never forget that feeling as a child, learning the ABC's, or how to ride the 'big kid' bicycle. Knowledge is a gift.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Been A Long Time.

November. This month for me is a whirlwind of emotions. The wind gently tosses your hair across your face as you walk with a hot cup of coffee and a scarf sloppily tied around your neck. Trench coats and knee high gray boots keep you warm and safe from the cold air circling around you. Dancing leaves mock you with a sense of lightness and freedom you will never find.
You look back and remember the warmth of the summer sun on your bare skin and diving into the lake that now chills you to the touch. Soon this will be frozen over, with a neat layer of ice and snow, easily cracked and treacherous.
Christmas music is on the radio, in my opinion, far too early. Winter sports meetings at school are being announced, causing that dreadful recognition that soon I will have to decide, to swim, or not to swim. It's been a while since I've dove into a pool at 5 AM for early morning practices, willingly taking every stroke the coach has demanded of me. But, it's also been a while since I've seen so many people join together, as a team.
Halloween is over. Kids are stashing away their candy in their rooms, so that late at night they can enjoy the satisfaction of eating forbidden sweets. Pillow cases are emptied of their yearly sugar and placed carefully back into place. Rotten pumpkins are thrown away, wasted, dead. It's all over.
Now, we wait. Wait for Thanksgiving. For mashed potatoes and green beans. For family and music. For celebrating. All we can do is wait.