Sunday, June 12, 2011

Missfits Issue 3.

The third issue of Missfits is now available for digital download and in print copies at MagCloud.

Thank you for all of the support and I hope that everyone enjoys the latest issue.

If you are interested in submitting for the Fall 2011 issue then please email us at


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rebirth. Revival. Renewal.

Summer can make a sane person go crazy. A sad person grow happy. A lonely person feel loved. A romance get stronger.

Summer has a strange effect on millions of people. Everything feels different than you remembered from the last time. The pool feels safer. Your friends feel closer. The amount of food you eat increases beyond your imagination.

It's just a time to lose yourself in the moment.

To not think about tomorrow, but to focus on today.

We can find ourselves again in the Winter.

But, that's not for another 6 months. And right now it's Summer.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh Look, A Pixie.

I did it guys. I cut my hair.

I figured.. since it's summer, why not? It turned out better than I ever could have hoped and its such a nice feeling to not have layers of long hair stuck to the back of my neck. I feel so free.

How have all of your summers been going?


Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Blogger.

I have been such an awful blogger the past few months. I have been promising myself to spend less time on the internet until the school year ends, but in doing so, I have neglected my & all of your blogs.

But, summer is almost here & I have never been so in love with life and full of inspiration. I can not wait to be finished with all of this homework & finals so that I can again surround myself with all of your daily doses of inspiration that I miss reading so much.


Monday, April 25, 2011

The Two of Us Could Run.

"We mostly work to live, until we live to work."
-Run by Vampire Weekend

The school year is almost over, and all I can think about is Summer. I day dream of swimming in the lake, picnics with friends, and galloons of pink lemonade. It just sounds absolutely perfect.

Photos of me by Maddie.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Edith Minturn Sedgwick.

"It's not that I'm rebelling. It's that I'm just trying to find another way."
-Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick. If I could pick one person in this world that I would like to be most like, I would choose Edie. Hands down. Yes, I love Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn as well, but Edie is the girl that I find myself drawn to the most. She is a beautiful disaster. I wouldn't wish her misery on my greatest enemy, she spent her life struggling with psychological issues, because of her brothers suicide, that led to eating disorders, and drug abuse. But, her beauty, outstanding personality and style has been iconic ever since she was Girl of the Year in 1960's.

"While I was girl of the year and superstar and all that crap, everything I did was really...motivated by psychological disturbance. But I’d, I’d make a mask out of my face because I didn’t realize I was quite beautiful...I had to wear heavy black eyelashes like bat wings and dark lines under my eyes. Cut all my hair off, my long dark hair, cut it off and strip it silver and blond. All these little manoeuvres I did out of things that were happening in my life that upset me. I’d freak out in a very physical way, was all taken in a fashion trend."

"You have to put up with the risk of being misunderstood if you are going to try to communicate. You have to put up with people projecting their own ideas, attitudes, misunderstanding you. But it's worth being a public fool if that's all you can be in order to communicate yourself."

"Edith Minturn Sedgwick: beautiful artist and actress and all around loon. Remembered for setting the world on fire and escaping the clutches of her terrifying family. Made friends with eeeeverybody, and anybody...creating chaos and uproar wherever she went. Divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind."
-Factory Girl