Saturday, November 6, 2010

For You.

For the dancers. For the lonely hearted. For the free spirits. For the dreamers. For the tired. For the young. For the free. For the scared. For the open minded. For the over achievers. For the athletes. For the workers. For the struggling. For the hungry. For the optimistic. For the clueless.

You are beautiful.

For the academic scholars. For the self conscious. For the willing. For the artists. For the weary. For the broken. For the strong. For the depressed. For the missed. For the transexuals. For the individuals. For the girls. For the old. For the love birds. For the cutters. For the alcoholics. For the beginners.

You are loved.

For the boys. For the druggies. For the newly weds. For the retired. For the sleepy. For the wishful thinkers. For the tears shed. For the suffering. For the painters. For the bloggers. For the couch potatoes. For the trainers. For the teachers. For the gay. For the universe. For the 'bad kids'.

You are special.

No matter who you are, there is a life ahead of you. Life to be lived. Don't live like you will be forgotten, live like you will be remembered. Live today like it's your last. Live tomorrow like its your first. Don't take advantage of this beautiful mystery.
Never forget that feeling as a child, learning the ABC's, or how to ride the 'big kid' bicycle. Knowledge is a gift.



Athena. said...

I adore you. Adore you.
Know that this is for you, too.

Maddie M. said...

^ Couldn't agree more.
Love you so much. AMAZING.

Cassidy said...

This is so inspiring. It's sad how sometimes people can't see how amazing and beautiful they are.

{ felicity } said...

I LOVE YOU like Paris Hilton loves that too much...I don't care. I love this post and your blog and this post.

and thanks for the opinions on my previous post, it was great :)

P.S. I think it's awesome how are names (blog) are similar