Monday, March 14, 2011

Emotional Expressionism.

I got back from the Kansas City Art Institute yesterday at around 4:30 PM. At KCAI I took a 2 day fashion design program. I spent most of the day in the studio just going crazy with trifted clothes that I re-created, and playing around with fabrics that the instructor had brought for us to use.

We also had a 3 hour life drawing class the first night that we were there. That was the most amazing drawing experience I have ever had. The instructor worked with everyone individually as they needed. He made me so comfortable with the experience, and helped me improve so much in only 3 hours with a class of about 25-30 students. I really recommend that everyone tries a life drawing class at some point in their life if at all possible.

Oh & I got my hair cut the first day of March. I really like how it turned out, but it seems to be growing far too quickly already!

It's spring break now! Well, it's break at least. It's still snowing here in Missouri. Oh well, at least we are out of school.


Kat said...

so lucky you have spring break now! :P that drawing class sound amazing!

April said...

You look so cute!! Have a good spring break!

Heart Charlie said...

Love your hair cut! It looks so gorgeous! You are so lucky to have hair that grows fast, mine is so Sllllooooow! Also amazing that you took such a great figure drawing class. There is something so beautiful and relaxing about drawing the human form ;)

Charlie and Kathryn said...

You look so sweet in the photo :)
I got my hair cut not long ago and mine seems like it's already growing out haha


Carolina said...

have ana awesome spring break:)

Maddie M. said...

I thought I'd just let you know that you're kinda the cutest girl I've ever met. Just saying. I love your hair like this.
Also, KCAI was a blast. I love you and your notes under my pillow that you still deny writing.


Haylee said...

This sounds so cool! I'm glad to hear you had a good time. I also want to study Fashion Design so the program sounds especially intriguing. You should post more about it! :)
I hope you have an absolutely amazing Spring Break!