Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rebirth. Revival. Renewal.

Summer can make a sane person go crazy. A sad person grow happy. A lonely person feel loved. A romance get stronger.

Summer has a strange effect on millions of people. Everything feels different than you remembered from the last time. The pool feels safer. Your friends feel closer. The amount of food you eat increases beyond your imagination.

It's just a time to lose yourself in the moment.

To not think about tomorrow, but to focus on today.

We can find ourselves again in the Winter.

But, that's not for another 6 months. And right now it's Summer.



Charlie and Kathryn said...

There's things I love and hate about Summer and Winter..

-I hate cold toes
-I love being cuddly

-I hate being sweaty
-I love wearing practically no clothes, and being brown like a sausage


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

hee hee cute post :) I do love summer :) just don't like being too warm :)

Love, vanilla

pamplemousse said...

le maquillage <3

Anonymous said...

love the picture so much, and thats so true! summer does weird things to people. it must be the heat!