Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis The Season.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today is my 16th Christmas, and it is meeting up to everything I could have imagined. This morning I woke up to find my little brother resting on the couch saying that he has been staring at the presents with wide eyes since 3 AM. The rest of us waited until 8 AM to drag ourselves out of bed to join him.

Every year we tear down the stockings first. I dug through mine to find layers of chocolates and a few knit hats tucked up in between, along with an ornament of the Eiffel Tower hidden at the toes of the oversized sock.

Next we turn on Christmas music and gather around in the living room. My dad turns to each of us with a golden box saying that Santa must have snuck through the chimney the following evening and left them waiting for us until the morning. In that box I found Estee Lauder makeup in a shiny golden case, with a travel-sized makeup bag that has 4 different kinds of makeup brushes.

Along with this I found books, a fuzzy scarf, a cheetah print dress, gloves, and beautiful perfume bottles for me to sneak some Bath & Body Works scents into, all while pretending to own the finest vintage perfumes.

Tonight I am attending a family Christmas party at my Grandma's place. This is my first year to spend Christmas with her, and I can not wait to do so!

How is everyone spending their holidays this season?


Maddie M. said...

Merry Christmas, darling!
PS-The word verification for this is "sedgette." Like Sedgwick. How perfect. What a Twiedryn.

courtney. said...

merry christmas! i spent it with my family starting at 5 o'clock this morning to open presents, going back to sleep, eating waffles, and more presents at my grandparents house. now i am all cuddled up on the couch watching it's a wonderful life with my boyfriend, sister, and brother.

Cassidy said...

Sounds lovely :) I had a wonderful christmas; lots of star wars hehehe.

Charlie and Kathryn said...

Sorry this isn't about this particular post but on the side of your blog it has a quote of the virgin suicides :)

I've been wanting to read that for ages!