Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4th 2011.

I feel like ever since New Year's time has just flown by. Today I went back to school after a much needed break and am in 4 new classes along with the same English, History and Math classes from before. However, I now have completed my required science (YESS!) and am filling that time in with a drawing and painting class. I am also taking personal finance and computer applications 2.

This semester I want to allow myself more freedom to get out of the house on weeknights. Last semester I would stress myself out over every little thing, so I have decided that if I start to feel like I'm going to explode then I should allow myself to move my work space up to the local coffee shop or to a friends house where I can think with a clear head. Environment changes can be vital when your mental health is at stake.

Last night I cleaned out a ton of old magazines (especially my 30 pound stake of Teen Vogues dating back to 2007). When I clean out magazines I don't toss them all in the garbage and be done with it. I go through each magazine checking for shoots that I remember and feel inspired by. For example the shoots with Emma Watson and Mia Wasikowska really stood out to me as exquisite. I also ripped out a few Juicy Couture ads, posters of Lily Allen and Florence Welch and random fashion shoots.
After collected a good number of images, I tapped them together and hung them up over my desk. This is my inspiration wall, and when I look over at the wall I can't help but smile at each and every image because they all speak to me in such different ways.

All images belong to TeenVogue.


n. said...

the last photographs are very much energy !

courtney. said...

it is always so impossible for me to throw away magazines. i have dozens of Nylon magazines that I always use for collages and stuff and I can't ever just dump them in the recycling bin and be done with them.

Maddie M. said...

I love that you did that with your magazines, and I love the bit about not stressing out so much over every little thing. Care less! :D
Just a suggestion, but I think we should start having a study night together, you and I, once a week. Just like Thursdays or Tuesdays or something, you pick, and we could just hang out at Starbucks, sip coffee, and study together. Let me know :-) I'd be a lot more focused if someone was there focusing with me.

xoxo, Madddddie.

Kat said...

i can remember each and every one of these shoots... <3 i love the ones you picked, too. the mia & emma shoots are some of my favorites.