Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In The Grand Scheme of Things, I Do Matter.

We were all once so tiny and knew absolutely nothing about anything. We had no brains, no eyes, no nothing. And now here we are. Some of us taller, some nicer, some smarter. How and when did this change happen? We became an individual with our own character traits. Our own brains to create our own vision of the world. We can interpret anything however we'd like and make things happen. We can end other peoples live and we can end our own. We can create new lives. It's crazy how much power can come out of someone, who was once something, who was once nothing.

Where Earth, the sun, the stars, the planet, everything is now, was once pure space. Now look at what we've become. Just look.


Luinae said...

In the grand scheme of things, you ALWAYS matter. Maybe not in a huge way, but in the whispers & footprints of what you did, passed through generations. I love that idea.

KT said...

i love this. my english class just finished reading "harrison bergeron" and this reminds me of my almost exact argument against the story :D
anywayyy, i love it.