Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not So Foolish Anymore

At a young age we are given Barbie dolls. Dolls that have 'perfect' bodies that we expect of ourselves to have as we grow up. This is immediate pressure on young girls. But, in reality if Barbie was a person, her head would be the same circumference as her waist. This would cause her to have chronic diarrhea and would die of malnutrition. Since Barbies neck is twice as long as the average humans, it would be impossible for her to hold up her own head. Her arms are 50% longer than her arms, the average woman's are 20%. And because her legs are so thin, she would have to walk on all 4's to get around.

Average woman’s height is 5’4″
Their weight is approx. 140 lbs.
They wear a size 14 dress
Their bust is between 36″ and 37″ (B cup)
Their waist is between 30″ and 34″
Their hips average between 40″ and 42″
Their shoe size is estimated to be between 8.5 and 9.5

Barbie’s height would be 7’2″
Her weight would be 101 lbs.
She would wear a size 4 dress
Her bust would be 39″ (FF cup)
Her waist would be 19″ (same as her head)
Her hips would be 33″
Her shoe size would be a 5

Now, to me, this does not sound attractive at all. Nor physically possible.

But, Barbies aren't the only reason that girls choose to work towards a 'better' body. I can't say for sure what it is, other than that everyone wants to feel perfect. We see in magazines and movies what we think is perfect, and don't realize that our bodies are lovely and ideal.

Fashion models are a major influence on girls, but look at their faces. It is heart breaking to see how unhappy they all look and how sunken in their cheeks are, how the life is drained out of their eyes and how much pressure is put on them everyday.

I think that we should make a pact, an agreement of a sort, to go to someone we know and trust and tell them of our struggles and they can help you through these hardships. And, then we will decide to love our bodies. What a crazy idea is that? I know. But, really, truly, we should love our bodies more than anyone else's because our body is the one that will stay with us forever, cherish it, take care of it. You don't get another. Why would you destroy this one? I personally think that everyone needs to look in the mirror everyday and point out something that they think is lovely and repeat it to themselves when they don't feel so lovely anymore.

Because you are lovely. And you are loved. All of you. Everyone.


Luinae said...

When I was younger, I used to reanact Henry the Eigth and Anne Boleyn with my barbie dolls and then rip their heads off.


It makes me sad to see people who don't love themselves for you they are, at that moment. There is something so fragile and weak about it (I can't quite put my finger on it) that is terrifying.

Maddie M. said...

This is absolutely fantastic. Really. An excellent piece.

I was really surprised at the real woman measurements and was happy to find myself right there.

So lovely.

Cassidy said...

Oh. I know this subject and topic too well. I have been there. I have hated my body to the point of physically destroying it. Emaciation was what I thought was the ideal beauty. Skin and bones was what I strived to be. And I achieved it, and it landed me in the hospital and treatment. It's not fucking glamourous. IVs and tube feeding is not the ideal life for a teenage girl, or for anyone.
I remember after treatment, seeing a runway show for the first time in months. How sad and sickly those models were. It brought tears to my eyes just because I know that feeling so well. I know that look; that feeling of misery and never feeling good enough. Wanting to lose more and more, not caring about the consquences. It becomes the main priority, and soon, you start to see yourself choosing your weight over your relationships, your leisure time, your hobbies, and your health.

It's just a downward spiral.