Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Take For Granted

Sometimes we take the things and the people we love the most for granted. Sometimes we take the late night dances and parties as an expectation. The music, the friends, the food, the joy. All of it is an expectation. And absolutely nothing more.


Maddie M. said...

Expectation perhaps, that the people we put our entire existence into--our hopes, secrets, and dreams--would love us back. Would continue to love us and fill our lives with joy. It's our own selfish dependence on those we love most to continue to make us happy, because thinking about our lives without them would be absolutely devastating.
Take for granted? Absolutely.
But at the same time, we can't allow our lives to pass us by and waste our teenage years with sadness and bitter regret. We have to stop hiding behind our fear and push onward until the pain is gone. And it IS going to hurt for awhile. It's not going to be okay. But in the end, everything will be. And if everything is not okay, it is not the end. Do what makes you happy. Laugh, live, love. Never stop and sacrifice your own dreams for someone else.
xoxoxo Love you so much.

mariska said...

wow,i really like this post.