Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Not Sorry

I don't want to post images of girls smiling in colorful dresses. I want to post something where you look at the girl and you want to know the story behind the face. You see her and you want to tell her it's going to be ok. I want one of those posts today. The kind that makes your heart ache because you understand their pain, and you never want any one else to know such a deep pain.


Maddie M. said...

I couldn't agree with this more.
Coming from the perspective of a photographer, I think the most interesting photographs are those which show emotion within the subject other than pure joy. Expressions with mystery; posture with pain. I want there to be an emotional reaction from the viewer. Just like when you hear song lyrics and instantly relate.

Nina said...

These images are beautiful, by nature I slide through happiness and sadness on daily basis, Im almost happy when Im sad if that makes any sense :)

Jaymie said...

these images are sobering yet still beautiful!
Thanks for the comment, me to i wish i had thrown it about now but still it was so fun very strange but fun!
Jaymie x