Monday, October 18, 2010


I've always loved to wear dresses and skirts. I always feel better and more confident when I look nice. The leaves are changing colors, the wind is picking up and everyone's ordering hot coffee at Starbucks instead of the usual summer specials. Sweaters are being pulled out of the back of closets and tall socks are being put under open toe shoes. New seasons give a reason for new clothes. On sunnier days summer dresses are being paired with slouchy cardigans, and on those chilling days our bodies are not prepared for, tights and knitted scarves are thrown on.

This is when we toss our hair over our shoulders and cuddle up to friends in order to keep ourselves as warm as possible. These are the days I'm ready for. However, I am not prepared for blasting cold snow storms, sleds pulled by reindeer and shoveling the snow off of the driveway.

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Maddie M. said...

This is my absolute favorite time of year. The shift between fall and winter. It's so peaceful.

Luinae said...

Me too! I love thick wool tights and knitting huge scarfs for yo'self.

April said...

Where I'm at in England it blew right past autumn into winter. It's freezing!! But I'm happy for sweaters and friends and tea. :)

rainboy said...

I love summer more ;D

take care

Cassidy said...

Love this so much. Fall is probably the best.