Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stop Haunting Me.

Photos of me by Maddie.

You can't hear me and you wouldn't listen if you could. Yet, to me you are everything. Just know that I miss you. So terribly much. I have lost all sense of direction. I walk with the compass pointing south. Further, and further from who I should be.


Jaymie said...

wow these are amazing love!

awh i love edie and everything 60s if you hadn't noticed haha, my friend last year was edie at a halloween SU party and i was a mod girl, wanted to be twiggy but i have brown not so short hair so opted more for just a 60s chick.
can't wait to see photos aswell, i will post photos in like a weekly roundup!
jaymie x

April said...

Lovely photos... sorry for the words. You'll get back on track someday.

Cassidy said...

You are the loveliest thing. Ever. Evereverever.