Friday, October 8, 2010

Mass Chaos

This week has been extremely chaotic for me. I've been taking PSAT prep courses which consists of 3 hours of testing. I took my first IB blue book exam in 1st hour today, I hope the teacher doesn't mind my purple pen that I use as a good luck charm. I have had math homework, tests and projects. Reading a novel about a complete dystopian only to take tests on it the following afternoon. Article write ups, meteorology packets, sociological experiments and graphing calculators.
All I can say is, thank God it's the weekend. And that I now have time to take a nap or two and eat a Hershey's bar.


Luinae said...

Good luck with all of your work and tests!

Cassidy said...

That's exactly how it's been for me. It's so overwhelming; sometimes I just can't take it anymore.

April said...

Hugs. You can do it!