Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let Them Wear Snake.

This photo of me was taken by Maddie for Style Sample Magazine a few months back. Yes, those are real snakes on me, but they were the friendliest little pythons named Echo and Monte. This doesn't mean that I didn't scream in between shots, but I feel that is just a natural reaction.

The point of me showing you this is for my hair. This is the day after my most recent hair cut, and I wanted all of your advice on what I could do to mix things up. I was considering getting bangs that I would straighten daily, and/or dyeing it. I would love to go white blonde, but that would be such a major change! If I did white blonde I would need to either cut my hair super short, or grow it out! It would look something like this

Thanks everyone.



Kat said...

do it.

DO IT! you'll look so great..

and i remember that shot.. for the grecian goddess shoot, right? you were medusa. <3

Maddie M. said...

Yesssssssss. Look at you, with your clever titles. I love it.
Die it white blonde with bangs! Doooo it.

Vanilla said...

I think you would really suit white blonde hair :)

Love, Vanilla

The Sequin Cat said...

Snake photo of you is super!