Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mascara Drips like Watercolor in the Rain.

My goal of this post today was to not show a single face, but to still show a personality. This is because I think we all rely on facial expressions too much. And I believe that by looking at a person differently than we are used to doing, we are allowing ourselves to see more of a persons actual characteristics.

It might sound crazy, but I feel like everyone decides what a person is like the first time that they see their face. So, today I will not show a face to judge.

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kitten roar said...

all of these pictures are great. i especially love the last one with all of the tights. this post made me want to get my "ripped tights and combat boots" look on.

Claudia Paola. said...

That's a really profound observation that many people (including myself!) often take for granted. There's so much to read into from someone's face.. their features, their expressions, their eyes, etc. But how do they show themselves through other ways? I like those pictures with the clothes.. fashion is definitely a form of self-expression, and a person's personality, character traits, and personal taste can really show through that way! I think your post carried through with its goal.

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

Tonya said...

I love your thoughts.