Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twists and Turns.

In case you couldn't tell, the theme of this post is short hair. I was looking for images to use for this post when I saw that a lovely lady I follow had just done a post on pixie cuts! Be sure to check out her blog Wicked Whimsy for all of her expert advice.

I myself do not have short hair, but I have been wanting to get my hair chopped off for months now. See, I have crazy, curly hair and I was scared of cutting my hair for this reason, but I have found a few styles that I do like. And if I do end up cutting it, then it would probably end up looking something like this.

I have a hair appointment set, so hopefully I can carry through.


P.s. Spring in Missouri all of a sudden? Pulling out my jean shorts while I still can.


Vanilla said...

Hope your haircut goes well :) I love going to get my hair done, I had a really short crop last year and have been growing it out ever since... It was nice but I got bored with it :)

Love, Vanilla

Rachel said...

Thanks for the mention darling!
We should start a short hair revolution and spread the awesomeness for all to enjoy!

You should also post some photos of you after you cut it! I'm dying to see what it will look like! :D


April said...

That last photo doesn't work.. and I desperately want to see it because I have crazy curly hair as well, and I want short hair, too!!

kitten roar said...

i love having short hair! i am trying to grow it out currently, but i am always tempted to go back to a pixie.

Cassidy said...

Oh I can't wait to see it!! My friend just got a pixie cut and it's so adorable. I wish I could pull really short hair off, but I can't.