Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pumping Veins. Bursting Vessels.

First day of February. First snow day of the month. First time to pick up this book. First bad snow storm in 20 years. First time to hear this song. First time to miss you this much more. First realization that I could be wrong. First chance to start over.

This month I'm going to be wearing more sequins. Attending more Starbucks gatherings. Focusing even more on my school and art work. Reading more books that leave a lasting impression. Singing louder to my favorite songs. Loving more people than ever before. Trying on more dresses. Focusing on the positive.

This month I'm going to be relying less on jeans. Eating less junk food. Avoiding any and all silly arguments. Spending less time being unproductive. Trusting myself to be less of a procrastinator. Making less excuses. Relying on less people to do what I should be doing myself.

This is going to be my month.


Vanilla said...

Good luck with the month :) Inspirational post :)

Love, Vanilla


Tran N. said...

I think your month is gonna be good! Love your tee btw, really like the quote on it! xx

- Tran N // www.nobodygotstyle.blogspot.com

Kat said...

this IS your month dear.

and oh my, i exaggerate. once i get into a mood it's complete doom and despair. sorry <3

and you and your tee are just wonderful.

Maddie M. said...

I love this. This is our month.


Very inspirational!!!! I really love your t-shirt:)

Feel free to visit my blog and follow if you like:)



Autilia Antonucci said...

Good luck with your month hun ! I think you should ad trying to do that awesome fishtail braid to that list xx

Moosette said...

I feel ya on wearing more sequins and eating less junk food this month! Here's to a fabulous Feb!

Lovely blog... I am your newest follower!

Jaymie said...

Love these images, that spiderman top is so rad!

Claudia Paola. said...

This post was awesome and inspiring. I loved it. I want my month to be a good one, too. I honestly wasn't feeling January too much, but I'm liking February so far. So yes! Here's to an awesome Febs.

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

Sabby V said...

You go Girl!! Love your motivation.
Very inspirational:)

Tonya said...

I love all of your inspirational posts. It makes me want to better myself.
Thank you so much for all of the comments :) I'm so glad that you like my blog. Its very encouraging!


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