Monday, February 21, 2011

You're My Questions, You're My Proof.

Me and Maddie need submissions for our magazine, MissFits. We are especially looking for entries for our Readers Outfits. So, if any of you have any photos that you are interesting in submitting, then please send them to You will get to be published in our feminist fashion magazine, so please don't pass up this opportunity! The deadline for these submissions is coming up quickly, so contact us as soon as possible.



Kat said...

give me one day. i have the perfect dress i thrifted today.. <3

Kat said...

teacups are my latest obsession.


eager to please dear, eager to please. and i love that you thought of me! why me though haha?

and i want to be a part of missfits quite badly... i'll do anything to help!